maria, xx, finland

cinephile, clone club member, downtonian, book addict and an incurable history nerd. always more or less lost.

I make stuff and things.

{ wear }


hemlock grove s2
the office s7
stargate: atlantis s1


an idiot abroad
peaches for father francis
the night circus


child of light
kim k hollywood


orphan black, lost, sons of anarchy, boardwalk empire, downton abbey, misfits, vikings, oitnb, band of brothers, twin peaks, ripper street, game of thrones, this is england, friends, being human uk, doctor who, ouat, pushing daisies, grey's anatomy


star wars, lotr, harry potter, pacific rim, reservoir dogs, tdk-trilogy, inception, the grand budapest hotel, pulp fiction, juno, this is england, inglourious basterds, black swan, blue jasmine, léon the professional, the fall, brokeback mountain, now you see me, disney things, a few dozen period pieces and loads more


tons of pretty people, history geeking, photography, art, literature


seriously though
this blog is a hot mess
you've been warned

o captain, my captain
m a r i a , x x , f i n — i say more dumb things before 9am than most people say all day. +
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